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Download Metatrader 4 (called 'MT4') get the software to connect with the forex market

Download Metatrader 4 (for PC only)

You can easily download MT4 with FXDD for example going to - robots are working with any broker with MT4 -

Download MT4 (Metatrader 4)

Open a live account with FXDD

If you want to open a live account, you can do it with FXDD or with any other broker with Metatrader 4

Open a live account with FXDD
Install the Expert Advisor on MT4

Install MT4 like any software, and the Expert Advisor following this instructions :

Follow the step(s) on this page of

Our robot advisor has special settings to run which are not explained in the link before. Just go up to place the Expert Advisor (the *.ex4 file) to the right folder and go to the next step

Adjust settings to connect with ThirdBrainFx's Servers

Setup the link with ThirdBrainFx's Server

1 - Inside MT4, go to Tools>Options

2 - Click on Options and go to 'Expert-Advisors'

Please check all the box like the screenshot shows

3 - On the bottom of this tab, there is a list of blank URL

For you, it's sure that it's totally BLANK then click 'add new URL like...' and add EXACTLY this URL :

You should have the same settings now . It means that you allow your MT4 to connect to our server. Without this settings, the robot won't work

Run the Expert-Advisor

Run the expert-advisor on your MT4

1 - Select Instrument

Pick an instrument to run the Expert Advisor with by selecting it and opening a new charts - click on +Chart Window

2 - Attach the EA (Expert Advisor) to this instrument

Open the chart of the instrument (in our example GBPUSD) and focus on it. Open it in M1 ONLY

Select the expert advisor on the navigator window at left of the MT4, and click right on it, you will have an option 'Attach to a chart', click on it

Then a new window is appearing like below :

Here, you need to fill your EMAIL - it's the same EMAIL you used when you took the TRADER's PASS

It's your KEY to tell our server that you have the TRADER's PASS. Wihout the right email, robot won't work

Keep the other options like they are by default. You have only to fill your EMAIL at this step

Click on 'OK' and you shoud have this screenshot :

Check that you have this message somewhere on the screen

The Time will change depending on the time when you do the setup but you need to have Connection OK after some seconds

If after 5 to 15 seconds, this message doesn't appear, contact support at